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At Primary Level
To create the feeling that "Computers are fun". Computers can teach students to draw, paint and type, kindling their interest. To teach simple programming language, BASIC.
At Middle Level
To teach students to use the Computer as a powerful tool with MS-Office, and to access information from CD-ROM (encyclopedia) and the Internet. To introduce the Web Design and the concepts of 'email' and 'chat' over the Internet. To teach problem solving techniques, laying the foundation for IT careers.
At Secondary Level
To teach Database Management Concepts. To expose students to programming languages like 'C/C++/Java', Visual Basic.
"The CompuGen deserves our appreciation for its excellent package of computer education programme. The well-graded package, meant for the target group of classes IV to IX, not just creates an awareness of the indispensability of computer in the modern life but also provides an excellent opportunity to prepare themselves for a career role in Computer Science... We sincerely hope that this programme will commend itself to prospective beneficiaries by virtue of its inherent utility value."
G. Abraham,
   Assisi EM High School    Vuyyuru.