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An Informative & Innovative Programme
for Nursery Schools
  • English
  • Nursery Rhymes
  • Arithmetic
  • Environmental Science
  • Story Telling
  • Drawing & Colouring
The School Self-reliant in implementing a Good Computer Education.
IT Enabled Education for Kindergarten Students

Term-wise Textbooks for every student covering all the

  • Subjects like English, Mathematics, English Rhymes,
  • General Knowledge / Environmental studies, Story Telling, Painting
  • Interactive Activity Multimedia lessons for the School
  • Integrated Workbooks for every student
  • Orientation and Induction program to the LKG / UKG Teachers
  • One set of Master Question Papers (in colour)
  • With Answer Key for 3 Mid-term and 3 Terminal examinations
  • Certificates to all the students
  • Two visits from our Operations Support Executive every year to help implement Nursery Tutor most effectively
  • 272 Daily Revision Sheet pages each for LKG & UKG for practising exercises at home – to reinforce the concepts learnt in the classroom (optional for an additional fee)

"I have seen that wherever computers are introduced at the earlier phase of Primary Education, drop-outs have reduced, and the quality of education has improved"
- APJ Abdul Kalam.
"We are using your curriculum along with CD's for LKG & UKG. I learn at that level your support is very good both in the software developing & teacher - coordination , tech support."
Mr. S. Radhakrishna,
   Shastry Charitable Trust ( R.) Hunsur