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Design Principles
CompuGen's STAR methodology
A 4-steps cycle on a weekly basis that makes learning easy, effective and enjoyable
  • Stimulate - Arouse interest thru' Preparatory CDs.
  • Teach - Impart education thru' CompuGen text books.
  • Apply - Put lessons to practical use thru' Activity CD's.
  • Rve-inforce - Strengthen Knowledge & Skills thru' Work books.
TMT - powered CompuGen
It's a breakthrough methodology that blends text books and multi-media tools to make learning exciting and enjoyable as never before. Students will simply love it! And, to ensure that education is rendered most effectively, CompuGen includes a unique Orientation & Training Program for Teachers.
CompuGen Program
Quantum Modular Design

Students need to be imparted skills that they can absorb and use at their age. No more, no less. However, if students acquire a certain skill in a lower class but don’t use it later, this skill will be forgotten. QM Design addresses both these issues - appropriateness of skill level as well as progressive advancement of skill acquisition.


In respect of each skill set, the vital few concepts and competencies are taught early, leaving less critical but detailed concepts and capabilities for higher classes.

Success-Centered Activities

Every student should have a sense of accomplishment as he / she goes through the CompuGen classes. Therefore, graded exercises are given such that most / all students can confidently complete the first few exercises, while the more difficult ones may be completed only by the brighter students. This ensures that every student acquires a minimum level of competence needed to sustain his / her interest in computers, even as the brighter student is sufficiently challenged.

"We have implemented CompuGen course for Std I to V and Nursery Tutor for LKG since last two years. We have found the course content very satisfactory.Their support is also excellent."
Mr. A. Sudhakaran, Principal,
   T.V.S. Lakshmi Matriculation
   Higher Secondary School,    Madurai.