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A Golden Opportunity To Schools

Today, the Students have to be IT literate regardless of their career. CompuGen, A division of the legendary Brilliant Tutorials Pvt. Ltd. Acts as a Technology Consultant to your School
  • A Strong IT Foundation
  • An Integrated Learning System
  • At a fee the Student can afford
The Schol Self-teliant in implementing a Good Computer Education.
Text Books - and to prepare for exams s Well-structured text-books with graded exercises help reinforce learning
1. Preparatory Multimedia CD - Primes the student to learn every lesson using the (for Std. 4 to 10) power of multimedia technology
2. Activity Multimedia CD - Enables the student apply the concepts learned through (for Std. 1 to 10) interesting activities; includes protos, software and funstuff
3.Resource Kit for Teachers CD
   a) Question Bank Software - Helps generate Question Papers for exams with ease
   b) Answer Kit - Answers to questions given in the text book at the end of each chapter serve as key to the teachers
   c) Practical Question Bank - Collection of structured exercises for students ensure high quality of lab work
   d) Mind Expansion Exercises - Keep the intelligent students challenged continuously
   e) Extra Lab exercises -
   f) Projects - Help elevate the learning to a higher plane
   g) Teachers' Training Material - Self learning material for teachers
4. Multimedia Edutainment CDs - Helps children learn English, Science and Geography effectively
5. Encyclopedia CD - Broadens the students' General Knowledge
6. Virtual Internet Sites CD - Gives the experience of browsing select websites. A good alternative to browse even without Internet Connection
7. Teachers' Recruitment CD - Online examination software helps School Management to recruit new Computer Science Teacher(s)
1. Teachers' Orientation Programme - Training programme for Teachers
2. Support Visit - Two Support Visits, to help your School in implementation
1. Teachers' Reference Manual - Helps the Teacher plan sessions and complete the syllabus in time
2. Startup & Implementation - Helps the Management Implement CompuGen effectively Manual – Management (SIM – M)
3. Startup & Implementation - Helps the Teacher understand the CompuGen programme Manual – Teachers (SIM – T) and also use the given software appropriately
"We are very proud to introduce your programme in our school. You are doing a very best job which how needed to all schools. Our students are from rural area, even then getting very good knowledge through your CD's."
Shri Mahathma Vidhyaa Manthir
   Matriculation School,