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To the School
  • The Nursery Tutor Program is an excitingly innovative educational program that makes use of the computer's multimedia capabilities to offer better and livelier education to LKG and UKG students.
  • Helps attract better students, leading to better overall results.
  • Higher student enrolment, higher income.
To the Teachers
  • Greater professional satisfaction - being better trained and equipped.
  • Teaching becomes easier, thanks to readymade support material.
To the Students
  • The Nursery Tutor program is presented in a simple interesting style with lots of attractive color illustrations, where the kids will love it.
  • Provides the right skill sets necessary for higher education.
  • Adds value to their resume, for IT as well as non-IT careers.
To the Parents
  • Lowest possible fee for the best of Computer Studies.
  • Eliminates need for basic IT education after school - saving thousands of rupees.
"We are motivated to motivate our children We are inspired to inspire our children We are guided to guide our children To impart IT education to little hearts of our future generation."
G. Abraham,
   HTeacher ,
   Assisi EM High School